Nasty Women Unite Against Donald Trump


It shook the world, is one way of putting it. The third and final debate between U.S. presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was vicious. Gloves came off for sure.

Whether there was a clear winner or not, that’s up to you. But, as far as sound bites and prodding of the media pundits for reactions go, there was a clear victor (or loser really depending on how you frame it)… Donald J. Trump provided sound bites like no other. In fact, many political commentators jumped at The Donald’s refusal to commit to an acceptance of the election results. But while that frenzy played out on television and talk radio, in bar rooms across the country many women were slamming The Donald’s use of “nasty woman” comment towards Hillary Clinton.

So much unity from the female populace that many vendors have risen to fill the new void of self expression when it comes to political alliance. You can find merchandise using The Donald’s “nasty woman” comment for fans and followers of Hillary Clinton. To the extent that the Hillary Clinton supporters are championing around the phrase and using it to empower their causes and candidate.

DONUT Trust The Candidates: An OPT OUT checkbox for Election Media


With election day just a few weeks away, every American is getting an earful about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (ok, mostly Donald). It’s no wonder voter turnout is always low – by the time one;s suppose to vote, the last thing we want to look at is these candidates names. Seriously, after hearing about each candidate for months on talk radio, broadcast and cable television, Twitter and Facebook- we need an election media OPT OUT option.

Imagine how much more peaceful life would have been the past months if every time you got in your car you didn’t have to hear more stupid B.S. about The Donald or Hillary? If ever time you watched you a football game there wasn’t some insane and ridiculous political commercial ruining your mood?

Life would be much sweet if we had an election media OPT OUT. (SHOP THE OPTIONS ABOVE: DILLARY CLUMP)

Politics, Pizza and Beer


Somethings go hand in hand like pizza and beer. Politics and… well, we’re thinking about that one.

Honestly though, with the state of affairs in this country being what they are, shouldn’t more people be throwing and hosting debate keg parties? Not to listen to the squabbling of the candidates, but to be American.

It could be like a toasting of this nation’s greats: beer, arguments for arguments sake, and hanging with buds. (see what I did there?)

Short of there being a million other options of TV to watch or things to do while the debates air on television, I sincerely would love to see someone pop a keg stand every time the moderator says “you have 30 seconds to respond…”

God Bless The U.S.A.

Halloween Yoga for The Ladies


It’s Halloween season and I guess there’s no better time than now to don a pair of pumpkin patterned leggings. What? That’s not the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about Halloween? How else but yoga will one burn off the insane amount of candy one will consume this month?

Ok, we can’t keep a straight face and continue to talk about pumpkin pattern leggings. That said, if you want to add some seasonal and holiday flare to your yoga workouts, definitely try a pair of these yoga pants from awkBOMB!

The American Nightmare: Dillary Clump

It might be too ironic that the elections follow Halloween and yet many voters feel the only candidate options on voting day are more “trick” than “treat”.


The ecommerce website awkBomb sells the Dillary Clump T-Shirt (of which Stetson Ward readers can save 20% by using code: WARDOFF). If going “dill” is a bit too much for you, be sure to peruse awkBomb’s other Halloween themed sweatshirts, t-shirts, and knick knacks.

Whether one is a liberal or a conservative, the upcoming election is of upmost importance for the United States. The world and the country face many difficult challenges and the next president will be tasked with shepherding a country that is greatly divided in a world that is very chaotic and violent.

Could there be any other choice other than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? It is as if reality television has consumed an entire nation of people.

While the most popular alternative was Bernie Sander, he seems to be a distant memory at this point. Maybe somewhere in the mess of it all there is some genetic mix of Clinton and Trump, a Dillary Clump if you will, that can speak for the horrified masses in this country that feel as if the days following Halloween will only be more of a nightmare than a trick or a treat.

Fortunately, before any of us have to get too serious about the election, we get to enjoy Halloween! Trick or treat you Dillary Clump m*ther effers! #FML.

For more festive, tongue in cheek Halloween options –






Sports War: Cheerleaders vs Groupies

Football cheerleaders or baseball groupies - who's sexier?

The NFL Football season is now underway and MLB is headed into playoff season. Sure, there’s a lot of excitement on the fields for teams that are competing or at least have a chance at winning it all. But don’t be mistaken to think that it all ends there. For teams without a chance to even make the playoffs, there’s still plenty to cheer for.

In football, everyone knows there are cheerleaders. Often times these ladies are stunning and beautiful, athletic and can dance sexy in-front of 60,000 people. They are all about energy and are never caught not smiling. They epitomize sexy fun times with a lot of testosterone around.

In baseball, there really aren’t any team cheerleaders. Baseball doesn’t really have the rah-rah-rah attitude or environment that you find at football games. Still, baseball is known for its groupies. Yes, the teams have boat loads of female followers anxiously waiting to bed a star on the rise in the minor leagues. But there are plenty of baseball groupies for the die-hard fans as well. As with all groupies, there has to be something in it for them and in most cases the baseball experience can be pretty lavish with box seats among celebs, VIP treatment with food and beverages, and maybe even on-field visits or locker rooms tours after the games.

So while there’s an age old question as to which sport helps get and entertain the ladies, there’s also the question you have to ask yourself about your preference: Baseball Groupie or Football Cheerleader?

Father’s Day Shopping Guide

Father’s Day is coming up soon, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait until June to start thinking about gifts. This year, ditch the neckties and opt for something a little more fun and exciting instead. Stumped as to what you should buy for that dad, stepdad, or grandfather on your shopping list? Don’t worry, a lot of people are, which is why we have chosen some fun and unique gift ideas to help get you started.

The Eighth Wonder

You may be thinking “underwear for dad? I know, something about that may not seem right, but trust me on this one. On their web page, The Eight Wonder proclaims that “ultimate comfort and top-shelf, signature fabrics are combined to make The Eighth Wonder a perfect 10.” Whether your dad’s an outdoorsman in need of long johns for staying warm, or the type of guy who prefers lounging around the house in his boxers, you’ll find a style that is just right for him. Your dad may just love his new underwear so much that buying some from The Eighth Wonder becomes your new Father’s Day tradition.

Artstar Abstract Art

Does your dad have a more whimsical, fun-loving nature? Would he like to spruce up his man-cave or office? If so, you’ll find a good number of art pieces available from Artstar that will appeal to his sense of fun and adventure. Perhaps your father is more of a contemporary guy who would enjoy a cityscape scene of New York or Paris. Maybe he’s a wannabe surfer who would prefer something from their beach or “surf’s up” collection. Regardless, you’ll find Artstar’s abstract art visually appealing and awe-inspiring, and may even want to pick up a few pieces for your own collection.

Uncommon Bond Zipper Tees

Every dad love t-shirts, especially if they’re a little out of the ordinary. The zipper tees offered by Uncommon Bond look very much like classic t-shirts, yet contain an unusual twist-zippers down each side. Think how practical these zippers will be when dad needs to cool off when performing yardwork or even playing a few rounds of “shirts and skins” basketball. These t-shirts come in a variety of colors, and are ideal for wearing anywhere, whether at work, running errands, or just hanging out at the park. Chinos

Your dad has probably worn the same old tired pair of jeans for years. Maybe he doesn’t know how to shop for clothing, or just doesn’t know that chinos from are available in a multitude of colors. Let this be the year that you change his life forever by giving him a pair of chinos that he can then wear golfing, to a job interview, or even while taking your mother for a night out on the town.

This Father’s Day, resign yourself to giving dad a gift that will fundamentally transform his life. Any of the above gifts will do just that, while at the same time being very affordable and practical.

Buying for Mom – A Couple of Options

Although Mother’s Day is celebrated once a year, there is almost always a last-minute scramble of sorts by family members to ensure that they find the perfect gift. If you have been struggling to decide what to purchase for your mom this year, this handy gift guide will provide you with a great starting point – regardless of what your mom’s preferences may be.


Is your mom a person who will never leave the house without donning at least one stylish piece of jewelry? If this is the case, why not splash out by giving her a beautiful watch that has been crafted by one of the most sought-after jewelry stores in Beverly Hills, namely Chris Aire? Any of the 36 watches in the Aire Parlay and Aire Traveler GMT ranges will provide the perfect accompaniment to a smart outfit. In addition, once you have chosen a watch, there are numerous other exquisite pieces of jewelry to choose from, such as earrings, necklaces and rings that can be added to your gift selection.


A lot of moms who enjoy and appreciate art simply cannot afford to pay the high prices that are charged for original pieces – regardless of how small they may be. However, if you take a look at this site, you will notice that they offer a wide range of contemporary art pieces at highly affordable prices, in conjunction with a wide range of size options and frame designs. Art Star only works with the best contemporary artists around, and each piece sold by the site is signed and numbered as well. Art Star offers free shipping directly to your (or your mom’s) door anywhere within the U.S., so you will not need to worry about having to cover the cost of that when you are placing your order.

Regardless of what type of gifts or tastes your mom might have, at least one of the above mentioned options are sure to put a smile on her face this Mother’s Day. When purchasing gifts, it can be a good idea to get them wrapped with attractive paper to add just the right finishing touch. This holiday only comes around once a year, so go ahead, make a great impression and give your mom the best gift possible.

To Vie For: A New Way To Shop

Launching in Time for Mother’s Day, delivers a new and unique way to save.

Are you shopping for Mother’s Day yet? Do you consider finding the best deals somewhat a game? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, visit This online retailer offers a wide selection of merchandise, yet provides you with a cutting-edge way to negotiate prices that adds an element of suspense to your shopping experience. If you want to save money and have a great time shopping, you will love the way ToVieFor works.

The Shopping Experience

Browse the ToVieFor website to find merchandise that interests you. You will find photographs and descriptions of products in a variety of categories such as watches, jewelry, handbags, and accessories. In order to purchase items, there must be a current sale taking place. The description will also include a button that you can click to enter the sale. If an item is not currently being sold, the anticipated sale date will be displayed, along with a button that says “notify me.” Clicking this button will trigger an email just before the sale begins.

The Sale

Click the item from the home page that interests you and enter the sale. Upon entering the sale, you will see the price displayed, and will also notice that it is going lower and lower as more people share the sale via social media. That’s right! As you invite your friends to check out the sale, the price gets reduced. The more shoppers you and your friends invite, the lower that price can go.

You may then wait until the price reaches your predetermined level, with the catch being that you must make your purchase before all the items in stock are sold out.

Playing the Game

The goal is to wait until the price is as low as possible without the product selling out. Since you do not know how many items are in stock, and cannot view other people’s purchases, this makes timing your selection very important. When the last item is sold, a button will appear letting you know it is on hold. That button will remain for two minutes while the final buyer checks out. If that person does not complete the transaction, the sale will continue. Act fast if that happens to ensure you are able to snag the final item at a very low price.

Shopping at can be a great way to have some fun, while also scoring some incredible deals. Buy your mother something fun and exciting that she is sure to treasure.

Stylish Tech Gadgets We All Love


Although many tech gadgets are released to the consumer market each year, not all of them end up being as popular as their inventors and developers would have hoped. On the other hand, there are normally a few of these devices that gain popularity to the point where virtually everyone ‘has to have one.’ Below are a few examples of these.

Joe’s Jeans #Hello Jeans (pictured above)

These days, the jeans you wear should no longer be ‘just a fashion statement; they should be able to charge your smart phone as well. Joe’s Jeans has come up with a pair that not only flatters your curves; they come equipped with a phone-charging slot above the right back pocket. The jeans have been designed with a discreet slot that houses a slim-sized battery that connects to the hidden phone pocket. Company founder and creative director, Joe Dahan, stated, “The demand has been so high that we’ve added more #Hello styles to our upcoming collections. We will be expanding #Hello in upcoming seasons to include a variety of rises, fits, colors, and prints to give our customers more options for their wardrobes.”

Incipio Backup Battery Device

If you’re tired of having your phone die on you while celebrating good news with your bestie, this handy gadget can ensure that scenarios like this become a thing of the past. The Incipio is no ordinary backup battery device though – it doubles as a protective case for the iPhone 6 range as well. It provides up to 3000 MAH of power, which means that you will be able to browse the internet, watch a video or two and still have that much-needed chat with a friend. These devices are available in 7 eye-catching colors.

Warm Light Lamp

Are you used to burning the midnight oil when it comes to getting work done or meeting deadlines? If so, you may be exposing yourself to harsh levels of light that will have a negative effect on your sleep. However, the Aerelight A1 lamp is a great gadget that not only provides you with brighter light than most other desk lamps; it doesn’t give off any glare whatsoever, meaning that it won’t cause eye strain either. An added bonus is that when you are done working, you simply touch it to turn it off – and it even has the ability to wirelessly charge a wide range of smart devices.


As more and more people are working from community spaces instead of traditional office environments, the need for numerous charging devices has increased substantially. ChargeHub is the ultimate in convenience when it comes to ensuring that you always have somewhere to keep your laptop or phone battery’s juice topped up. It not only enables up to 7 devices to be connected simultaneously; a variety of different devices can be charged at the same time – and users can choose their own color and shape when placing orders.

If you’re a gadget addict and have been looking for something different, the above mentioned devices are sure to fit the description – in addition, you will most likely be the envy of everyone around you as well.